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About Us


One in Four Ireland is a registered charity (CHY 15289) with offices in Dublin, Ireland.

 Our Purpose

One in Four offers a voice to and support for women and men who have experienced sexual abuse and/or sexual violence and also to their family and friends.

In Ireland research has shown that one in four children (27%) will experience sexual abuse before the age of 18 (view source of this statisitc). Society has thus far been unwilling to face up to the deep rooted nature of this problem or the sheer scale of the long term damage it leaves in its wake. Examples of this in documneted in The Ferns Report - the Ferns Inquiry was called for by One in Four. (PDF 1.55 MB - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge from Adobe's website)

Statistics on sexual violence in Ireland can be found in The SAVI Report,which was carried out by the Dublin Rape Crisis and The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 2002.

To download The Savi report, click here. 

Our determined aim is to change this.

 Our Ethos

One in Four exists to give voice to the experience of people who have experienced sexual abuse and/or sexual violence and to provide a space that by its very existence challenges feelings of shame and self blame. In the often perceived hopelessness and despair of such trauma the possibility of meeting another, one who has undertaken that journey themselves, offers hope and encouragement.

One in Four actively seeks and welcomes at all levels of the organisations work the involvement of people who have experienced sexual violence. The creation of a community that bears witness to the isolating and silenced reality of sexual violence fundamentally changes and moves beyond that reality.

 What we do

One in Four provides a unique service to individuals and families, both directly and indirectly. Support is provided directly through individual psychotherapy, group therapy, advocacy/support, and 24 hour support on our online message boards. Support is provided indirectly through campaigning, policy making, in-house research, training and consultancy work with statutory and non statutory agencies.

In responding to the needs of any family or organisation, One in Four liaises with both statutory and non statutory agencies, where necessary – such as child protection agencies, An Garda Siochana and other agencies that may offer further support and assistance to the family.

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  2007 Annual Report

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Link to 2005  2004 and 2003 Annual Reports. 

 The History of One in Four Ireland

One in Four was established by Colm O'Gorman in London, UK in 1999. The organisation became a registered charity in July 2000 and currently operates nationally in the UK from its London offices. It provides support and resources to people who have experienced sexual abuse, regardless of gender.

One in Four Ireland established in Ireland in July 2002 and opened its doors for services in February 2003. In early 2008, Colm O’Gorman left One in Four to take up the position of Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland.  We want to thank Colm for his enormous contribution to the setting up and development of One in Four.  His commitment, energy and courage have ensured that the organisation makes a significant and unique contribution to services for people affected by sexual violence. We wish him every success in his new post.   

Our new Executive Director, Maeve Lewis, is a psychotherapist who has over twenty years experience in leadership roles in organisations working in the area of sexual violence.  Most recently Clinical Director of Faoiseamh, she has been Director of New Day Counselling Centre and Head of Training at the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.  Maeve has also worked in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and the former Yugoslavia developing appropriate psychotherapeutic responses to meet the needs of people affected by war and genocide.

 Intention of this website

This website is intended to provide a place for mutual support to those who have experienced sexual abuse and/or sexual violence and also to the family and friends of those have experienced it. The website was launched in August 2003 and continues to be updated and developed. We really appreciate your thoughts on it and the ways you think it can be further improved.

It is meant to give some hope and incentive in reaching out for help, and to be a reference place of resources to get you started on your own personal road to finding further support, through national organisations, understanding services that can be provided to you, on-line support, and links to other websites on the topic.

Most of all it is meant as a reminder to everyone out there who has experienced sexual abuse and/or sexual violence, "you are not alone." Please take your time to explore this website and if you cannot find what you are looking for please feel free to call the office.

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