August 20, 2002
Being a volunteer

A Volunteer's view
by Dianne Ludlow

Looking back at the past year and writing about the experience of being involved with One In Four was a bit like taking a new look at an old friend and realising just how different they look from the beginning of that year.

It seems to have always been there…trustworthy, supportive, protective, challenging, dynamic, a lot of fun…are just a few descriptions that come to mind. But just as you could not put your friend’s character and personality into a few sentences, nor can you with One In Four.

It’s a living entity – responding and developing constantly to what is a huge need. At the conception of the organisation the short-term vision was to provide a safe space for people who wanted support. But short-term and long-term quickly merged like a whirlwind, highlighting the shameful and negligent way abuse has been dealt with within our “caring” society. So within the past year – One In Four has made powerful strides towards becoming a well-known and respected national organisation. The shaming documentary with News night; the development of training programmes for both Social Services and voluntary organisations; an advocacy service to numerous individuals; the campaigning and lobbying of Parliament on the issues of and surrounding abuse; turning a cold, dank and gloomy premises into a wonderfully warm, cosy and vibrant space; raising funds to try and pay for it all and generally attempting with great success, professionalism and empathy to support people in a pragmatic way particular to their needs.

When I look back and see myself a year ago – I can also see a lot of change. I now know all Vonda Shepard’s lyrics off by heart, I can use the fax with the sound turned down (that was a tough one), I don’t burn myself on the kettle so much and I can also enter the building without trying not to be seen by anyone… And without getting slushy USA style here – as that is NOT in my nature – I have to say that I’ve enjoyed every minute and have amazing respect, pride and love for the people who are One In Four and the incredible amount of hours and effort they put into it.


Posted by Colm at August 20, 2002 07:10 PM

(1) i find this site rather difficult to navigate
(2) i am not directly a victim of abuse but someone
near and dear to me is and we have all to
devise coping techniques who are touched
by this evil.
(3) what is the orginisation called "faosamh " like
i would like to contact anyone who has used them.
(4) does one in four provide counselling services and
if so how can i contact you.
(5) a subtantial number of abuse cases happen in gaeltacht areas in this country could you use a native
speaker of irish who also has good english .if anyone in the organisation can answer these questions please
e-mail me directly as i need to progress this week

Posted by: padraig on November 24, 2002 11:02 AM

I am a victim, but not of clerical abuse.
I find this site fantastic and love visiting it.
The bravery of those of you who have been abused by so-called servents of God is so fantastic and we at "SaveKids" wish you all nothing but the best.
Please join "SaveKids" by visiting this address:
Thank you,
Dan Riordan.

Posted by: Dan Riordan on February 15, 2003 01:31 PM

I am a victim of abuse and have wanted for a long time to get involved in an organisation as volunteer.
I have found the stumbling block to getting involved to be the results of the abuse: lack of self confidence, guilt, etc.

Posted by: Martin on May 5, 2003 09:05 PM

Can you let me know if you offer a counselling service.

Posted by: Margaret on May 13, 2003 01:57 PM

I would like to know if you are setting up anywhere else in the country. How does one become a volunteer?

Posted by: Ger on May 14, 2003 03:29 PM

Hi Margaret

We do offer counselling services here. If you would like to email me re: same, I would be delighted to give you any information you require

Take care
One in Four

Posted by: Lucia on May 27, 2003 06:19 PM

Hi Ger

We are hopeing down the road to provide outreach services but at the moment that is not possible. If would would like to be become a volunteer, please contact me in the office at 662 4070 or email me at [email protected]

take care

Posted by: Lucia on May 27, 2003 06:24 PM
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