October 19, 2002
"Be Generous in your affection" by Ike White

Be Generous in Your Affection…
by Ike White

“…be generous in your affection
for the woman who lives inside you
even though she may fear it
or run from it
or allow it to touch
only the surface of her needs

and on occasion
when you hear crying
without sound or tears
or sense feelings of isolation
becoming her nearest companion
sit down beside her
and console her with your closeness
and the healing power
that caring will bring
become her staunch defender
when she is suspicious
of her self-worth
or seeks her salvation in discount love
and reassure her
that beyond the conflicts
which battle for her allegiance
she will ascend to the heights
of what she dares to believe
and dare she must
if she would change
the incorrect images
which hang from the walls
and doorway of her soul
to regain the property
or her self-respect
dare the woman inside you
to stand up to her voices
of self-defeat
and to recapture her rights
to be loved and appreciated
and acknowledged
dare her to redecorate
the living room of her heart
by first dismantling the enemies
of hopelessness powerlessness
and despair
then painting the walls
with fresh dreams
and fresh hope
and words that say Yes I Can
dare her to tear down the fences
which keep life on the outside
and her feelings on the inside
for it is only where
life and feelings are allowed
to touch
that hope and healing
and emotional health
can overcome the moods
of discontent…”

Posted by Colm at October 19, 2002 04:49 PM


This is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.


Posted by: Lisa on September 19, 2002 01:37 PM
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