October 25, 2002
"Perhaps" . . . by Mr Anonymous

Perhaps you thought I'd be weak now
From the wickedness of your deed.
But I'm still gonna press on anyhow
Don't try and stop me there's no need.

Perhaps you thought I'd bend and break
When you played with me like I was a toy
Well listen up, and make no mistake
I'm no longer that tearful, feeble little boy.

I could have committed suicide perhaps,
Or gone on drugs that'd cause me to relapse
But I'm still standing strong and relaxed
Did you think you'd drive me insane? Perhaps . . .

Despite every perhaps, I know the real deal
I'm strong, proud and courageous in light
So do you want to know how I rally feel?
I feel I'm filled with God's strength, and might!

Posted by Colm at October 25, 2002 07:30 PM
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