October 19, 2002
Victim's mother calls for others to come forward

From The Irish Independent Online

A MOTHER of two children abused by paedophile priest Fr Noel Reynolds yesterday said it was her greatest wish that more victims should come forward.

Calling herself Marian, the woman rang Joe Duffy's Live Line programme on Radio 1 yesterday to tell how her two children were abused over a long period by Fr Reynolds, who died six months ago.

Fr Reynolds admitted abusing up to 100 children during his career as a priest in eight parishes.

Marian told how Fr Reynolds had abused her two children for seven years and often he took them out, bringing them on weekends away and taking them to his house.

After watching the Prime Time expose on how much the Archdiocese of Dublin knew about its paedophile priests, Marian said she was totally enraged at the Church and enraged with Cardinal Desmond Connell "that a man with so much power would not face up to this in person". And she also said that the greatest weapon was "still silence".

"The impact on my family and my whole extended family is unbelievable," she said.

Marian also told how she confronted Fr Reynolds at the Archbishop's house over the abuse of her two children in the company of another priest.

"He told me he had abused my children and many others. He admitted it twice to me. I went on my own. He started by saying before we start we'll say a prayer. I said 'no, I won't pray with you'. I said to him 'Do you know why I'm here?' but he didn't answer me," she said.

"After much talking I asked for a glass of water. When the other priest had left the room Noel Reynolds leaned over to me and said 'yes, I did abuse them' and said 'I'm very sorry'."

Marian said Fr Reynolds instilled fear in her children by warning them if they ever told anyone, she would get sick and die.

"The fear has remained with them and is a huge part of their lives even today now that he's dead," she said.

Kathy Donaghy

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