October 20, 2002
One In Four seek urgent meeting with Minister for Justice


One In Four has today called for an urgent meeting with the Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell T.D. to discuss the expansion of the State enquiry into clerical sexual abuse that must now include an examination of the response of the Archdiocese of Dublin to rape and abuse perpetrated by its Priests.

“Whilst it is clear that the Government must institute a thorough and authoritative inquiry, it is essential that the structure of that inquiry be robust and adaptive to any further cases that may emerge in the coming months. Proposals aired recently relating to the possibility of a new form of State Inquiry, different from the tribunal model, may offer a possible way forward. This proposal included the appointment of a Commissioner who would have statutory powers similar to those used in company law matters. This form of Inquiry could avoid the problems and inflexibility of a full statutory tribunal”, said Colm O’Gorman, Director, One In Four.

“Clearly we will need to examine the details of any proposals as part of our ongoing dialogue with Government. One In Four will continue that dialogue in meetings with officials at the Department of Health and Children and also by engaging in urgent discussions with Minister McDowell”, he added.

Separate to any discussions relating to a State Inquiry, O’Gorman will renew demands for an immediate Garda criminal inquiry into the actions of Cardinal Desmond Connell and the Hierarchy of the Archdiocese of Dublin. It is now a matter of urgency that the Gardai act to seize all files held by the Archdiocese as evidence in this inquiry. The Minister must act without further delay and instruct the Gardai to launch a full criminal investigation.

Posted by Colm at October 20, 2002 03:58 PM

Hi there,
Firstly I would like to say well done to Colm for being so articulate during the programms last week. Do you have groups outside Dublin as I would like to get involved. I live in Cork and am a victim of abuse (not clerical), I am a psycholigist and have been involved in counselling mainly with victims of domestic violence. I believe there are still many victims that have no voice and I would like to be able to give these people some sort of hope.
Any information you can give me would be appreciated.

Kind regards

Posted by: Theresa O Connell on October 21, 2002 09:52 AM

I think all these offers of help should be taken up, maybe people around the country could get together and start their own little groups and well it might make the voice louder...sometimes we are guilty of not seeing outside Dublin

Posted by: on October 21, 2002 12:43 PM

Can I firstly assure everyone that we will work very hard to ensure that One In Four offers real and worthwhile support to all who approach us..no matter where they are based. Our new office will be Dublin based but our service will be a national one and we will work to establish regional work as a priority. Anyone who wants to be involved can mail me at the above address...we will nedd all the hlp we can get and you can be sure we will be taking up every appropriate offer of help and support. Thanks to everyone for all their good wishes and support...together we can really achieve something amazing.

Warmest wishes


Posted by: Colm on October 21, 2002 01:44 PM
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