November 11, 2002
"On the Record: at last." by Georgina

Over 30 years ago I was sexually abused by a paedophile Catholic Priest. It is only since the TV documentary ‘Suing the Pope’ shown on RTE television last April that I came forward and have been dealing with the reality of what happened to me as a child since then. I say reality because as long as I could lock it away as I did for all those years I could somehow minimise it and say ‘well it wasn’t that bad and I am doing fine now’ and say to myself ‘Go away I do not want to face you’. However it did happen to me and it was my time to face it and deal with it. I felt desperate at that time and had to come forward albeit three decades later.

Since then I have been to counselling where I began to examine what had actually happened to me. I realised there that it was in fact worse than I allowed my conscious mind to believe, but my unconscious mind knew my reality well. Dealing with such ghosts in fact explains everything about my past. Anyone who has been sexually abused knows about the consequences of experiencing such abuse. The loss of potential in life, the lack of belief and respect for yourself, an inability to trust anyone, self destructive behaviour, depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction and the myriad of other conditions experts explain us by. All of this was brought on through absolutely no fault of my own. I didn’t ask to be abused and while I do not intend to be defined by this abuse I acknowledge it happened. I was a child of ten years of age, a little pretty girl who wore beautiful dresses and loved the Virgin Mary. I skipped to mass everyday during my school holidays and loved the smell of incense because within it was contained the mystery of the man above the altar on the cross whom I was taught to fear.

The only thing I can now say about Jesus is that I joined him on that cross for the next 30 years of my life. That evil man wearing clerical clothing calling himself a man of God sexually abused me on numerous occasions and for a number of years he terrified the life out of me. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t miserable all the time in my adult life. You would hardly know on the outside the way I felt within. To the world I was and still am OK and I have done well in life. Then last Easter things changed. Cardinal Connell invited me on the 14th April 2002 to come forward in his Episcopal letter at Sunday Mass. I then reported it to my local curate and he has been very supportive. However sexual abuse is forever, nobody can rewind the clock and the effects of it remain permanently. It seems the cardinal does not understand the true meaning of this. I have not seen or heard him say anything to date to make me believe otherwise.

Despite this I am still a Catholic. I have always been open about that fact from the start. However I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am with the way my own church has handled this issue. The Irish Catholic Church has a shameful past in relation to a pervasive culture of clerical sexual abuse and it needs to take full ownership now for the serious wrongs it allowed to continue for many years. Instead it hides, and lies and runs for cover. The only reason it appears to be dealing with it now is because it is being forced to by us the survivors. We are coming forward now in droves publically and the effect is unstoppable. We are finding support now through organisations like One in Four. It is giving us the courage to come forward and tell our story. At last!

Last June I met One in Four. It has proved to be a very good friend indeed. I am not alone here. I can ask for help if and when I need it and someone will listen and reply. It is a constant friend. Not once a week or a vague apology the cardinal gave me last April and then left me in a vacuum of nothingness. The One in Four message board is always available to me in the good times and the bad. There is always an ear, someone who will care. I availed of all the help One In Four could give me. I needed it and I was and still am very grateful for it. For the first time I felt understood by those who understand my problem. Here I experienced love and compassion, which was given unconditionally, and I started to heal.

I then decided it was essential that I put my experience on the official record. Despite the fact the evil priest that abused me was dead I needed to report it to the authorities. It was a visceral need within me to do so. Somewhere in my head I decided that my story counted and it was vital that if nothing else my account could be revisited by history and I would be present to that future experience if in nothing else but a name, and a series of evil events, in a period of time in the past. It felt wholly right to participate in this and therefore I decided to make a statement to the police.

Following this decision last week I wrote to the message board and asked anyone who was on line to wish me luck. I wrote on the site for the first time about what my childhood memories of the abuse were. The message board lit up with support. I was overwhelmed by it. My pal Christy, shared a poem called "Listen to me" that he had written previously with me which gave me great courage.

I presented myself to my local Garda station and spent over four hours in a cold police station telling my story to a very understanding Garda. To any of you who may be thinking of going down this road there is a much warmer option than the one I chose. There is a new unit in Harcourt Street specially set up for those of us who suffered clerical abuse and I spoke to them on my mobile phone whilst I was waiting for my local Garda to come to take my statement. They very kindly said they could organise it for me at a future date. However having decided to do this and given that I have waited 33 years to do so my overriding desire was to report my story on that day when I felt like it rather than wait for the 5 star conditions at a later date. Once again I was in control of my own destiny. My favourite expression over the past six months is ‘GO for it’ and not to feel inhibited. I completed the statement.

It is done now. I am now in the history books and it feels really brilliant. I am tired from the experience as it was very difficult to revisit the past. I am also depleted in energy and need a good rest to recover but I do not regret it. Not for a moment. I do not like giving advice to people but if anybody is thinking of reporting their own abuse, I hope this article will give you the courage to believe that your words and testimony about your understanding of your own truth is vital. Little will change unless we are prepared to put ourselves on the record. Our stories matter and we need to be heard. If I, as one person, have contributed to that disclosure of evil that existed within the institution of the Catholic Church then so be it. I am glad I did it.

From a liberated adult who endured sexual abuse as a child on a healing journey to find true peace of mind and heart.


The new Garda Unit at Harcourt Street can be contacted on 01 6663437

For information on Counselling services visit our Local Services section on the main site

Posted by Colm at November 11, 2002 04:02 PM


as always u blow my mind pet...u're bravery and determination is an example to us all...

thank u so much for sharing this with has helped me so much

safest hugs forever


Posted by: D on November 11, 2002 06:52 PM

Thank you - I hope I can do l too will get the courage to share my reality. Thank You.

Posted by: M on November 11, 2002 08:50 PM

Well Done and Thankyou from one who cant even see the way clear to that yet

Posted by: on November 11, 2002 11:42 PM


You did a fantastic job. All of our stories may be different, but the effects are all the same. Your article says everything I have felt and have never been able to put into words.

Be proud of yourself, G...

Lisa : )

Posted by: Lisa on November 12, 2002 12:45 AM

Well Done rest now, be good to yourself you deserve it.


Posted by: Theresa on November 12, 2002 10:32 AM


What can I say? Your shear bravery, honesty and integrity are an example to us all. I was incredibly moved by this. I know exactly what you mean and have felt many of the feelings you have expressed so eloquently. I too have come through a personal renaissance of sorts over the last six months and 'Going For It' has also been my motto. From a bounded world to one that's boundless is an amazingly liberating experience. And I share your enthusiasm for the One-In-Four website which has also brought me great feelings of hope.

Anyway, enough about me, I think what you did was amazing. I wish I had the same courage, it took me six months to even post a message. So very well done!!!


Posted by: Pat on November 12, 2002 12:57 PM

Well done, Georgina. Your courage and bravery are truly inspiring. Take care of yourself and be good to yourself. You deserve it.


Posted by: Liz on November 12, 2002 08:44 PM


I am stunned by the flare of your outstanding writing, the contents of your article makes many of us who were abused share your pain and your courageous achievement. I am in no doubt your article will inspire others to take the same step.

You also have to be congratulated for taking a further step and publishing your dreadful experiences on the webpage. I know that couldn’t have been easy and in doing so you have come a long way since you first visited One in Four in June of this year.

I’m very proud of you

Fond friend Christy


Not so small were you that day
They listened to what you had to say
I hear you, I hear you

Now you have spoken and it’s all done
Walk at your own pace no need to run
I hear you, I hear you

Posted by: Christy on November 12, 2002 11:54 PM

I cried and cried and cried ........

Posted by: on November 19, 2002 09:13 PM

Hi Georgina

You know I've said this to you personally but I would like to put it on record. Congratulations! Very well done. I'm very proud of you - and because I was there, at one stage, I'm so so glad you've done this.

Take very good care of yourself

Posted by: Freda on November 22, 2002 01:43 PM

Thanks for all the comments. Your support gave me great comfort.

What I want to say today is the thing I love MOST about this site is when the articles fall off at the end of the webpage!!! Another article of mine is about to jump off now into cyber space and I think it is just great! To me it represents real movement and healing. I have moved on. Been there and done that. I have no idea if this message will be caught by anyone...but thanks to colm and paul and diane for catching me at various stages...and I am really sorry for all the emails...I do not know where all the writing came from!!

In the past few weeks I now feel I am well out of the fog and ready to push on again...Thanks lads for all the support over the past 9 months. Take care...georgina

Posted by: G on December 11, 2002 06:07 PM
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