January 18, 2003
Girl's plea to adults as rapist gets 12 years

from The Irish Independent

A GIRL victim of a sex abuser yesterday made a court plea to adults not to be judgmental if they saw children behaving in a strange manner. A 55-year-old taxi driver was jailed for 12 years when he pleaded guilty at Derry Crown Court to 23 rape and sex charges involving three young girls over a 20-year period.

The court was told the offences were of a "chilling and depraved nature" and were committed on the girls, who were aged between four and nine years, from June 1971 to June 1991.

The victims, accompanied by their families, wept when Judge Corinne Philpott jailed William McCafferty, Clar, Redcastle, Co Donegal.

One victim, who was unable to ride her bicycle after McCafferty had systematically raped her, appealed to parents not to be judgmental.

She said: "If only someone had spoken to me instead of condemning my behaviour during and after McCafferty raped and abused me. As a result of what he did to me, I lost my childhood and people looked upon me as being promiscuous. I was a wild girl who had no one to turn to at the time."

Posted by Colm at January 18, 2003 03:34 PM

As someone who used to carry a self-righteousness about promisquity ( can't spell) I really understand her plea; I thought I was great, when I was actually not engaging at all, simply because I was AFRAID. Others have a different reaction, and I completely accept that now.

Victim - hope you have found us - we are here for you, you BRAVE and WONDERFUL person........

Posted by: Eleanor on January 24, 2003 10:56 PM

I've been advised that there are two ways of handling rape and that you either become introver or overt sexually. I was of the latter and it was appalling times. 'Let those without blame cast the first stone.'

You possess an inordinate degree of courage! Well done!

Posted by: Hanora Brennnan on February 1, 2003 02:24 PM
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