March 10, 2003
Nine lawyers turn down mum's bid to counter-sue rapist of son

by Ralph Riegel in The Irish Independent

A MOTHER who assaulted the teacher who raped her son has been turned down by nine different solicitors in her bid to counter-sue the paedophile.

The man - who cannot be named for legal reasons - is now suing the woman for damages and compensation for injuries he suffered when the mother and her partner lost patience with the courts system and attacked the man over what had happened to her son.

The woman, who also cannot be named, received a 12-month suspended sentence from Cork Circuit Criminal Court for the attack, while the paedophile teacher is also appealing his conviction and 10-year jail term for rape to the Court of Criminal Appeal.

The mother said the man had "wrecked" her son's life. "Now he seems intent on destroying my life and my family as well. I'm afraid that this action could end up costing us our home. He will win his case because we did assault him. But what about what he did to my son?"

Incredibly, the woman's attempts to launch a counter-suit against the teacher have been stymied by the refusal of nine different solicitors to accept her case.

All declined to take the case on a no-win, no-fee basis - while one warned her there appeared to be no basis in Irish law for her action.

A further problem is that the two actions are clearly distinct - the abuse of the woman's son and the vigilante-style attack on the paedophile.

The frustrated mother has vowed to defend herself in the High Court and, if necessary, to fight her case all the way to Europe rather than pay a cent to the teacher who raped her son.

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