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We are Ireland's charity phone company. We're made up of a team of people with backgrounds and expertise in telecoms, charities or both. Greencom has been developed with over 18 charities over the past two years.

The answer is 'no!' Donations are made at no extra cost to you. And, because our call costs are cheaper, switching to Greencom can actually save you money! Your calls are still routed over the national network so service quality remains exactly the same with better customer service. All Greencom's donations to its affiliated charities are independently verified. So you can have 100% confidence that every cent of your 10% goes to your chosen charity.

No. The allowances you receive are paid by the government to Eircom. these allowances will not be affected by switching to Greencom.

The telecommunications industry was deregulated in 1998 by the EU. This was done to provide better services in the market and reduce the power of monopolies such as Eircom. It is regulated in Ireland by Comreg, a government body.

As Greencom is a much smaller company than Eircom and we don't spend vast sums of money on advertising, we can afford to be always cheaper and raise funds for charity. With Greecom profits and social dividends go hand in hand.

We will always be cheaper. Because of state regulation, if Eircom reduce their retail rates they have to reduce their wholesale rates.

The phone line supplied to your home or business is provided by Eircom and its maintenance is Eircom's responsiblity. However Greecom operates a 24/7 customer service desk and provides assistance on all issues.

There is a one-off account setup fee of only 5

Greencom are as competitive as Eircom at all times and a lot cheaper to certain call destinations.

Greencom is much cheaper than Eircom to all international destinations.

Greencom has a minimum call charge of 5 cent which is 21% cheaper than Eircom's minimum call charge of 6.35 cent.

Each month you will receive 2 bills, your Greencom monthly bill and your Eircom line rental bill. Your Eircom line rental bill will be a flat rate each month. Both bills can be paid at your post office or by Direct Debit.

You will lose no features you have on your current service and you can choose from a selection of many new innovative value added services from Greencom.

You simply ring the telecom company you wish to use and they switch you to their network with no fuss.

In 1998, the EU passed new laws to reduce the power of telecom monopolies like eircom. Irish customers wanted cheaper phone bills. And we decided to do something about that. Then we had a brilliant idea. We decided to create a profitable company that saved our customers money and, at the same time, raised money for worthwhile causes in Ireland and around the world.

Day-to-day, we work like any telecom company. But, at the end of the day, we enable our customers to donate 10% of every call they make to the charity of their choice. We also donate 15% of our profits to the Community Development Fund which helps to fund local community projects in Ireland.


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