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ACT is a national association working with staff in the statutory, independent and voluntary sectors in the interests of people with learning disabilities who may be at risk from abuse. Provides information and a networking service to survivors with learning disabilities and workers involved in this area.
Website for Area Child Protection Committees in England & Wales. Find your local ACPC contact.
ALP UK aims to provide access to information for child and adult survivors of physical, sexual and psychological abuse on all aspects of this complex area of law. The site also offers guidance on and understanding of the legal system of England and Wales for professionals working for survivors of abuse.
The Association of Directors of Social Services represents all the directors of social services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers.
ATSA is an international organisation focused specifically on the prevention of sexual abuse through effective management of sex offenders.
020 8550 8822
Barnardo's have projects nationwide. They provide services to children and young people in need and influence social policy for the benefit of children.
The British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
Breaking Free
020 8648 3500
Help and support, including face-to-face counselling, for women who were sexually abused as children. Also provides information to male survivors of abuse and family members and friends.
The British Association of Social Workers
Website for the British Association for Counselling, including information on finding a counsellor by regional area.
The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service brings together all those groups of practitioners who provide advice to the courts about the well-being of children and their families.
Website for children and young people in care in England and Wales. It covers many topics from their rights in care to what happens when they leave care.
The Child Policy Network website. This website contains information on the latest policy developments relating to children and young people in each of the 4 nations and across the UK.
Children in Crisis was established to respond to the increasing needs of children worldwide.
The Children's Legal Centre is a unique, independent national charity concerned with law and policy affecting children and young people. It opened in 1981, as the major UK project for the International Year of the Child, and is staffed by lawyers and professionals with experience in child law.
Childnet website - the children's Internet charity committed to helping to make the Internet a great and safe place for children.
01482 325552
Childwatch is a registered charity working for the good of children and adults who have been abused. Telephone and face-to-face counselling for adults who were abused as children and their families. Based in Hull.
CRIN is a global network or organisations exchanging information about children's rights to promote the UN Convention on the Rights of the child and to improve policy and practice. Site includes bibliographic references, databases, a calendar of events and links to child-focused sites.
01923 670796
Part of the Horizon NHS Trust for people with Learning Disabilities, they offer services dealing with Consultancy, Sexuality, Education and Training for people with learning disabilities. They also offer counselling for victims of sexual abuse.
Counselling directory enables those in distress to find a counsellor close to them and appropriate for their needs. The service is free & confidential and encourages those in distress to seek help. The website also contains a number of sections on emotional disorders (types of distress section) and provides some useful statistics.
Responsible for the health and well-being of people in England. Here you will find the latest on the Department's work, as well as health and social care guidance, publications and policy.
Directory and book services. On-line book store, links, resource directory. They can be contacted to order a complete listing of organisations that provide support and resources for people who experienced sexual abuse and violence
Helpline: 01785 225991
Support for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Provide support groups, young people's group, non-offending parents group, partners group and support at court. Open Monday - Thursday 7.30pm - 10 pm. Staffordshire area.
Provides information on the latest policy developments relating to children and young people in each of the four nations across the UK.
Family Matters
Helpline 24 hours: 01474 537392
Counselling and support for survivors of abuse - adults and children over eight years old. Office 01474536661
Based in Gravesend Kent
Family Rights Group
Freephone Advice Line 0207923 2628
Family Rights Group supports children and families involved with social services by advising families and working with service users, practitioners, researchers and policy makers. FRG works in England and Wales and is a registered charity. It is primarily concerned with providing help, advice and support to parents and families involved in child protection proceedings.
First Step
Helpline: 0116 255 8868
Counselling and advice for adult male survivors of sexual abuse, their families, friends and professionals. Leicestershire and Rutland area.
The Home Office is the Government department responsible for internal affairs in England and Wales. The purpose of the Home Office is to work with individuals and communities to build a safe, just and tolerant society enhancing opportunities for all and in which rights and responsibilities go hand in hand, and the protection and security of the public are maintained and enhanced.
Information on a wide range of on-line organisations, with a search facility for various aspects of health related issues.
Information on telephone Helplines in the UK with search facility.
Helpline for adult survivors of incest and abuse. Offers listening, information and individual counselling for female and male survivors, partners and non-abusing parents of survivors. 01636 610313 Links to other regional helplines from website.
Information and Helpline 0121 449 9097
Independent Care After Incest & Rape. ICAIR is an Essex based registered charity which provides support all over the UK to adult (16+) victims of rape and childhood abuse. Support is also given to partners and families. Telephone for support pack.
The centre's major aim is to play a key role in influencing the development of child care policy and practice in Northern Ireland. Website provides information on research projects, staff,research students, CCCR reports and staff publications.
Kidscape is committed to keeping children safe from harm or abuse. They provide practical, easy to use material for children, parents, teachers, social workers, police and community workers.
League Against Sadistic Abuse
Helpline: 01364 644184
Support group for parents whose children have been subjected to abuse of a bizarre, sadistic nature, often perpetrated by multiple abusers. This can have serious and tragic consequences. Non-abusing parents often have no-one to turn to, and find mutual support invaluable. LASA operate a telephone helpline from 9am-1pm (please leave a message initially).
National Charity which works with people with learning disabilities to fight discrimination. MENCAP campaigns to ensure that their rights are recognised and that they are respected as individuals.
MOSAC (Mothers of Sexually Abused Children) is a voluntary organisation supporting all non abusing parents and carers whose children have been sexually abused, to provide support, advice, information and counselling following the discovery of sexual abuse. Mosac seeks to enable parents/ carers to rebuild confidence, alleviate isolation and to assist both parents / carers and their children achieve an improved quality of life.
National Association for People Abused in childhood a national charity who provide a service for people needing information about help available to survivors of abuse.
The NCB is a UK charity which promotes the interests and well-being of all children and young people across every aspect of their lives. The NCB has an extensive information resource with a library and information service.
National Children's Homes (formerly NCH Action for Children)
National Council of Voluntary Child Care Organisations
The NEXUS Institute, based in Northern Ireland works to respond to the needs of adults who have experienced sexual abuse and provides a counselling service for those in need. The site includes downloadable publications and information
National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers NOTA is the only professional multi-disciplinary organisation in the UK dedicated to work with sexual abusers. It is consequently in a unique position to promote and develop work in this area of public protection.
The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children a children's charity in the UK they run a Child Protection Helpline 0808 800 5000
Bilingual Welsh/English Service
Ardal a wasaneithir: Cymru a phobl sydd am gael gwybodaeth yn y Gymraeg - yn ogystal mae'n rhoi cefnogaeth i Linell Gymorth Amddiffyn Plant 24 awr yr NSPCC. 0808 100 2524
NSPCC Asian Helpline
0800 096 7719
The Asian Helpline is a multilingual service for the UK's Asian communities.
A London based charity run for and by victims of sexual abuse. One in Four offers counselling, peer support groups, and one day workshops for people who have experienced sexual abuse.
The Prevention of Professional Abuse Network
POPAN's main priority is to help those who have suffered from the devastating effect of professional abuse. POPAN was set up as a response to the problem of abuse by health or social care professionals
Website for the Relate Organisation (formerly Marriage Guidance Council), providing counselling for all types of relationship problem.
Helpline: 0845 606 1503
A voluntary sector organisation working with people with learning disabilities who have been sexually abused. They provide a range of services to victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse who have learning disabilities.
Main Helpline. 01 483546400
Male Helpline: 01 483568000
admin at
Are a Guildford based charity that offers a variety of services for those affected by rape and sexual abuse, either first hand or by a friend or relative. The main helpline is open 7.30pm -9.30pm every evening except Saturdays and Bank Holidays. A male helpline operates on a Monday from 7.30pm-9.30pm
Helpline 020 8683 3300
Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre. RASASC is a helpline run by, and for, women and girls over 13. They offer help and support to women and girls who have been raped or sexually abused - however long ago.
020 8950 7855
Sexually Abused Children's Counselling and Advocacy Agency. They provide an advocacy service for adults who were abused in childhood.
Freephone Helpline 0808 800 5005
Safeline provides information for adults who were sexually abused as children. Also provides, newsletters, forums and a helpline for survivors. Office 01926 496911
08457 909090
The Samaritans provide confidential emotional support to any person who is suicidal or despairing.
One of the UK's leading international children's charities working to create a better future for children. Active in the UK, as well as more than 70 countries worldwide.
Sexual Abuse Child Consultancy Service
Provides individual therapeutic work with children and young people, groupwork, consultation, conferences and training workshops.
Information, resources and links in the UK for self-injury and harm.
Survivors UK
Helpline: 020 7357 6677
Tuesday/Thursday 7:00pm - 10:00pm
National Helpline. Survivors UK supports and provides resources for men who have experienced any form of sexual violence. Offers training to agencies in this field. They are based in London.
The UK's largest independent social policy research and development charity. It supports a wide programme of research and development projects in housing, social care and social policy.
The Lucy Faithfull Foundation is a child protection agency which operates across the UK. It provides assessment and intervention for adult male and female perpetrators of child sexual abuse and adolescent males and females engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviours. They work with adults where sexual abuse has been alleged but not proven and offer therapy for child and adult survivors of sexual abuse.
The Foundation provides expert witness opinion in civil court proceedings, based upon an integrated assessment of whole families, designed to promote the safety and welfare of children through an understanding of perpetrators and the dynamic features of sexual abuse.
Helpline: 01332 202555
VOICE provides advice and practical help on legal matters related to survivors with learning difficulties. Telephone support and information available for adults and children with learning disabilities who have been abused, and for their families and carers. Some publications available in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.
Listing of a large number of on-line voluntary organisations in the UK.
Women's Aid Federation of England (Women's Aid) is a national support agency for women and children experiencing physical, sexual or emotional abuse in their homes.
Women for Change aims to relieve the distress of women and teenage girls who have suffered childhood sexual abuse, or sexual violence.
Young Minds is the national children's mental health charity committed to improving the mental health of babies, children and young people. Services include parents' information service, publications and website.


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