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'A Kid'

He was just a kid,

a kid who wanted so much to be a kid,

to be like the other kids,

to be with other kids,

to laugh and even cry like other kids's,

to play the games kids play..

But this kid was mainly a day dreamin kid,

he'd watch the other kids play from

his window, (x-mans window)

in his head, if he tried really hard,

he could leave the dark place,

fly to a better place, cos the kid didn't like

the dark place..

The little kid was scared

and lonely in that place,

the kid had to play big boys games there,

not kids games,

grown up games..

There where other grown ups in other places,

safe places,

the kid hoped and prayed they'd come,

take him from the dark room,

they didn't,,

did nobody care or here his crys,

why was he left behind....

The kid got out himself somtimes,

ran away,,

slept under the stars,

felt the rain on his face,

the kid felt alive in that moment,

felt freedom and peace inside,

he could have lay there for ever,

froze in that time....

But kid was found

and had to go back,

to that black room,

x-man wasn't happy,

hell opened up for the kid,

but fuck it, it was worth it,

the kid seen the stars that nite,

even thru the fear and madness,,

that night it seemed they where shine'n on him..

The kid is still about,

all grown up now, on the outside',

a bit mixed up on the inside,

still tryin to join the game,

still tryin to find his place..

I see him somtimes,

when i can bear it,

there's sadness in his eyes,

but his eyes are still lookin for his place....



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