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International News 2004

Jury convicts Shanley of raping child  Tuesday 8th February 2005

Police identify hotel in photos of abused girl  Monday 7th February 2005

Man gets 15 years in jail for sexual abuse of grandchildren  Monday 7th February 2005

Man Charged with Sexual Abuse  Wednesday 26th January 2005

Taxi driver raped teen passenger  Tuesday 25th January 2005

Defrocked priest accused of child rape in US  Tuesday 2005

Police Raid Archbishop’s Office  Monday 24th January 2005

Pakistan probe cricket rape claim   Monday 24th January 2005

Fears about sexual abuse persist Friday 17th December 2004

Study Seeks Reparations For Victims Of Wartime Sexual Violence Thursday 16th December 2004

Helpline for victims of sexual abuse  Thursday 16th December 2004

Man is sentenced to 151 years in sexual abuse of Gilbert girl  Thursday 16th December 2004

Priest Jailed  Wednesday 15th December 2004

Appeal over 'dangerous' rapist   Wednesday 15th December 2004

Women says she is innocent of sexual abuse charges  Wednesday 15th December 2004

Police Act To Protect Rape Victims Wednesday 15th December 2004

Two-thirds of Liberians suffered sexual violence during '99-'03 war Wednesday 15th December 2004

UN urges troop-contributing states' help in curbing sexual abuse Tuesday 14th December 2004

Priest sentenced to Three years for Sodomy  Tuesday 14th December 2004

'Jekyll and Hyde' rapist jailed  Tuesday 14th December 2004

Jailed child rapist on the run  Monday 13th December 2004

Pupil charged with teacher rape Monday 13th December 2004

Calls for child sexual abuse summit Sunday 12th December 2004

All Teenage Gang Rapists Should Be Severely Punished Sunday 12th December 2004

Campaign to create awareness on sexual and gender-based violence Sunday 12th December 2004

Childhood sexual abuse left Mario in struggle with dark depression Saturday 11th December 2004

Sexual Abuse in the Amish Community  Friday 10th December 2004

Madrassas hit by sex abuse claims   Friday 10th December 2004

Two More Lawsuits Allege Sexual Abuse By Roman Catholic Clergy  Friday 10th December 2004

Abusive Priest left sex trail in Ireland  Friday 10th December 2004

Bail denied for minister charged in sexual abuse  Thursday 9th December 2004

Man accused of rape 'to give HIV'   Thursday 9th December 2004

Religious order to build memorial to abuse victims  Wednesday 8th December 2004

Church Women Decry Rising Child Sexual Abuse  Wednesday 8th December 2004

Activists call for law on child sexual abuse Tuesday 7th December 2004

Pakistan hangs two gang-rapists Tuesday 7th December 2004

Prison officer freed after appeal  Tuesday 7th December 2004

Teacher jailed for abusing boys   Tuesday 7th December 2004

Church organist pleads accused of sexual abuse  Monday 6th December 2004

US Catholic diocese settles suits  Monday 6th December 2004

Darfur violence still unabated Monday 6th December 2004

Cops may enter homes to stop violence vs women, kids: mayor Monday 6th December 2004

Disease, Overcrowding Raging in Jailhouses Sunday 5th December 2004

South African leader must attack racism, sexism to fight AIDS Friday 3rd December 2004

Severely Punish Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse, Says Parirenyatwa Thursday 2nd December 2004

Gandhi Hosts New SVV Clinic Thursday 2nd December 2004

Sexual abuse victim wants an apology from the Pope Thursday 2nd December 2004

US 'knew' of suspected Iraq abuse in 2003 Thursday 2nd December 2004

Violence against girls and women linked to spread of HIV/AIDS Wednesday 1st December 2004

Diocese can see sexual abuse claims filed during bankruptcy case Wednesday 1st December 2004

Campaign Against Sexual Abuse Laudable Tuessday 29th November 2004

Duo held over sexual abuse of teenager Thursday 25th November 2004

Ex-reporter sentenced in sexual abuse case Wednesday 24th November 2004

Soldiers Named in Sexual Abuse Saturday 20th November 2004

Evidence of Sexual Abuse by UN Peacekeepers Friday 19th November 2004

'Gang rape teenager was filmed'  Friday 19th November 2004

Trucker sentenced on Child Porn Charges  Friday 19th November 2004

Call to act over sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers  Friday 19th November 2004

Women jailed over years of abuse   Thursday 18th November 2004

Judges to evaluate repressed memory  Thursday 18th November 2004

Hospital Volunteer Accused of Additional Sexual Abuse  Wednesday 17th November 2004

Football coach denies sexual abuse   Wednesday 17th November 2004

Jury clears gymnastics coach in sexual abuse case  Wednesday 17th November 2004

New US Bishop for sex scandal and bankruptcy  Tuesday 16th November 2004

Govt backs review of sexual abuse investigation complaints  Tuesday 16th November 2004

Only one in 50 child sex offences results in conviction, says report  Tuesday 16th November 2004

Search for 'high risk' paedophile Monday 15th November 2004

Dozens of women raped 'to avenge French meddling'   Monday 15th November 2004

Female sexual abuse hidden Monday 15th November 2004

Experts say sexual abuse of boy, 8, likely to leave scars Sunday 14th November 2004

Sex abuse priest gets eight years  Friday 12th November 2004

Youth Minister Accused of Sexual Abuse  Friday 12th November 2004

French bid to control rapists with drugs  Thursday 11th November 2004

Child abuse transsexual's plea over jail turned down Thursday 11th November 2004

Net-based child abuse escalates  Wednesday 10th November 2004

Paedophile evidence 'not followed up'   Wednesday 10th November 2004

Study Finds Catholic Laity Wants More Openness  Wednesday 10trh November 2004

Accused teacher takes stand in sexual abuse trial  Wednesday 10th November 2004

Sexual Abuse Trial  Tuesday 9th November 2004

Child sex exploitation tackled  Tuesday 9th November 2004

Woman had sex with boy (8)  Tuesday 9th November 2004

Sex attack deputy head is jailed  Monday 8th November 2004

Sex case island picks woman mayor   Monday 8th November 2004

Falsely accused man freed  Monday 8th November 2004

Monticello man charged with sexual abuse  Friday 5th November 2004

Cambodia's child sex shame   Wednesday 3rd November 2004

MSPs insist on child abuse debate   Wednesday 3rd November 2004

Incest inquiry results expected Wednesday 3rd November 2004

Murderer in jail sex assaults  Tuesday 2nd November 2004

Child porn fight 'lacks funding'  Tuesday 2nd November 2004

Man remanded in 'tongue attack'  Monday 1st November 2004

Jeffery Jones sued for sexual abuse  Monday 1st November 2994

Deacon charged with sex assaults  Monday 1st November 2004

Kenya rape case body exhumed  Wednesday 27th October 2004

Man jailed for sexual abuse of teen  Wednesday 27th October 2004

Paedophile 'should not have been free'  Wednesday 27th October 2004

Fighters in Congo raped 40,000  Wednesday 27th October 2004

Teenage French girl raped and murdered by jilted boyfriend  Tuesday 26th October 2004

Pitcairn men found guilty of rapes  Tuesday 26th October 2004

Bishop Hires PR Company  Friday 15th October 2004

Rape 'a weapon in Colombia war'   Thursday 14th October 2004

Priest Testifies in Okla. Slander Lawsuit  Wednesday 13th October 2004

Avalanche of Church abuse cases  Tuesday 12th October 2004

Doctor sentenced for sexual abuse  Monday 11th October 2004

Pope Replaces Sex Scandal Bishop  Thursday 7th October 2004

Alleged Sexual Abuse Victim files suit against former priests  Thursday 7th October 2004

Woman admits to sexual abuse  Thursday 7th October 2004

Accused in Pitcairn abuse trial changes his plea to guilty  Wednesday 6th October 2004

Church janitor's tapes reveal child molestation  Tuesday 5th October 2004

Paedophile receives life sentence  Tuesday 5th October 2004

Pitcairn girls ‘like mayor’s private harem’   Tuesday 5th October 2004

Ex-chaplain 'abused teenage boy'  Monday 4th October 2004

A Rabbi Accused of Sexual Abuse Seeks to Reinvent Himself  Monday 4th October 2004

Children rescued from porn network Friday 1st October 2004

'Bounty' mutineer descendants go on trial on sex abuse charges Friday 1st October 2004

Living on an island . . . with a tradition of under-age sex   Wednesday 29th September 2004

US bishop sex abuse case dropped  Tuesday 28th September 2004

Doctor nabbed for Sexual Abuse  Monday 27th September 2004

Judges arrive for Pitcairn Ist sexual abuse trial Monday 27th September 2004

Newspapers Seek Access To Abuse Records Friday 24th September 2004

Pitcairn’s sex abuse trials to start   Friday 24th September 2004

Man admits attempted child rape   Thursday 23rd September 2004

More than 900 arrested in child porn probe  Thursday 23rd September 2004

Minister's pledge after abuse inquiry   Thursday 23rd September 2004

Escaped prisoner charged with sexual abuse  Thursday 23rd September 2004

Ballet Teacher May Not Be Tried For Third Sexual Abuse Case  Tuesday 21st September 2004

Teenager 'groomed' as rent boy for paedophile trade   Friday 17th September 2004

'Cured' serial child molester freed after risky treatment   Wednesday 15th September 2004

Former priest accused of sexual abuse now church organist  Tuesday 14th September 2004

Abuse police surgeon struck off  Monday 13th September 2004

Boston Archdiocese faces new sexual abuse claims Monday 13th September 2004

Diocese to start support group for abuse victims  Friday 10th September 2004

Arrests in web paedophile raids  Friday 10th September 2004

Sex abuser sentenced 30 years on  Thursday 9th September

New sex offender hostels planned   Thursday 9th September 2004

Inquiry ordered into sexual abuse of children  Wednesday 8th September 2004

Judge 'appalled' at child porn   Wednesday 8th September 2004

Sexual abuse shadow still looms large   Tuesday 7th September 2004

Priest details sexual assaults on Children   Friday 3rd September 2004

Landmark case could change application of law  Thursday 2nd September 2004

Girl killed in Bihar after sexual abuse by brother  Thursday 2nd September 2004

Diocese Puts a Lawyer in Charge of Its Hot Line Wednesday 1st September 2004

$1.5bn for sexual abuse victims  Tuesday 31st August 2004

Son offers advice to victims of his father's sexual abuse Monday 30th August 2004

Sex Slave Father's case harrassment  Friday 27th August 2004

Youth Director pleads guilty but mentally ill  Thursday 26th August 2004

State Highway Patrol Trooper denies sexual abuse  Thursday 26th August 2004

Murder case may focus on dad's alleged sexual abuse  Tuesday 24th August 2004

Teacher confesses to affair with schoolboy  Monday 23rd August 2004

Appointee resigns over sexual abuse allegations  Monday 23rd August 2004

'Vile' parents preyed on children for years  Friday 20th August 2004

Soham detective sacked from force   Thursday 19th August 2004

Mother Gets Life in Rape of Girl  Wednesday 18th August 2004

Four at Virginia church camp charged with sexual abuse  Wednesday 18th August 2004

Pope names investigator for Austrian sex scandal Tuesday 17th August 2004

Gene Therapy Pioneer Arrested for Molesting Girl  Tuesday 17th August 2004

Celebs Named In Portugal Sex Probe  Tuesday 17th August 2004

Woman pleads guilty to rape of 11-year old  Monday 16th August 2004

Nuns accused of molestation  Friday 13th August 2004

Scandal-hit seminary shut   Friday 13th August 2004

State drops charges in sexual abuse case   Thursday 12th August 2004

South Pacific :Island faces death sentence Thursday 1 Thursday 2th August 2004

USA: Order of US nuns being sued for molestation  Tuesday 10th August 2004

USA: Volunteer Firefighter Accused of Sexual Abuse  Monday 9th August 2004

Canada: Polygamist accused of sexual abuse  Monday 9th August 2004

USA:Child sexual abuse, while not new, still shocks Sunday 8th August 2004

Britain: False allegation doctor 'irresponsible' Saturday 7th August 2004

Belgrade: Sexual Abuse of Inmates Wednesday 4th August 2004

US troops abused prisoners in Iraq for 'fun', court told  Wednesday 4th August 2004

Top tennis coach accused of sex abuse  Monday 2nd August 2004

Judge hears arguments in diocese sexual abuse lawsuits Friday 30th July 2004

Oz churches hit by child sex scandal   Friday 30th July 2004

Children allegedly forced into sex acts  Friday 30th July 2004

Sexual Abuse Victims Settle Cases Against Bishop   Friday 30th July 2004

Man pleads not guilty to 46 felony child-molesting charges  Wednesday 29th July 2004

Trial scheduled for sexual abuse defendant  Wednesday 29th July 2004

Child trafficker linked to ‘torso boy’ jailed   Tuesday 27th July 2004

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