The man, 43-year-old Bruno Noye, turned a sawn-off shotgun on himself after shooting the girl at close range, said prosecutor Jean-Luc Beck. Noye died of his wounds at a hospital.

Police said that Noye was angered by the girl’s attempt to end their relationship and drove to her home in western France with the intention of killing her. A note detailing the plan, dated September, was found in Noye’s home, said Beck.

Noye set out on Friday night from in the Normandy town of Dieppe and reached the western coastal village of Jard-sur-Mer, where the teenager lived with her mother. The girl was identified as Aurelie. After gagging and tying up the mother, Noye raped Aurelie. The teenager was able to run outside and scream for help but her attacker told passers-by he was her father. He forced her into his car and drove off. Concerned residents phoned for help and police tracked down the vehicle.