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Paedophile 'should not have been free'

The mother of the victim of a sex offender with multiple previous convictions says he should never have been freed from jail.

Anthony M Williams, 52, of Canton, Cardiff, was jailed on Monday for life after admitting abducting and abusing an 11-year-old boy.  Cardiff Crown Court heard that Williams had convictions for sexual offences going back 29 years.   The boy's mother said her son had "had his childhood taken away from him".   The woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, told BBC Wales in an interview: "He'd gone through an horrific experience.   "He was told by this man that if he opened his mouth he would have killed him."

Williams admitted two charges of child abduction and nine sexual offences. He targeted the boy over a three day period, Cardiff Crown Court was told.   His mother said her son told her he had been to the park when in fact he had been snatched by Williams as he waited for friends.   "At the moment, my son is waiting to see a counsellor. His behaviour has gone really downhill."   She thinks that after being convicted four times for child abuse, Williams should never have been released from prison.  "The marks [my son] had on him, the abuse he suffered - it's going to be with him for the rest of his life," she said.

Children's Commissioner for Wales Peter Clarke said he hoped the abuse would not destroy the boy's life but that he would be able to get the help and support he needed to come to terms with what had happened.   "It's quite clear something went seriously wrong," he told BBC Wales.   "Somebody [Wiliams] who's shown such a pattern of behaviour over such a long time released and left in a position where he could have abused a child like this - the system has clearly failed."

In court, Williams' defence had said he had tried to overcome his paedophilia but the sex offender programme he was on was cancelled through lack of funding.   Mr Clarke commented: "Frankly, it's scandalous if that was the reason why this person was released into the community.   "I do think one of the best ways we can stop child abuse is to stop people wanting to prey sexually on children and that means treatment.   "It's not foolproof and that's one of the reasons we have the sex offenders' register.   "It's a really complicated issue - we have to accpet that sex offenders against children are going to need treatment somewhere but of course they need to be kept securely wherever they are."  

He said the issue of members of the community knowing where paedophiles were living was very difficult.   "All the evidence suggests that the offenders will not register and they'll go underground and then we'll all be at a loss because we won't know where they are.   "Having said that, we've got to make sure that the police, the probation service and the agencies are keeping a close tab on people like this."

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