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Stolen Innocence

You took a young innocent body
  and did such vile acts
You forced your sexual desires
  on a child who knew no facts
You unleashed such fear
  and nameless terror
That would stay in her
  confused head forever
You treated her like
  your personal sex slave
And she had no one to turn to
  that she could ask to please save
You made her feel
  so dirty and bad
And left her to a life
  where she would feel so often sad
She was alone and vulnerable
  to your will
With nobody there
  her fears to still
The pain you caused her
  was so great
Yet her trust in you
  she still had faith
When you got into her bed
  in your aroused state
To the wall she moved
  but there was no escape
Wanting oblivion she became
  a block of wood
Then, no fear, no pain she felt,
  as no child should
That small little room was her
  universe - dark, enclosing, unsafe
All that she could see
  was that tiny space
There was nowhere
  that she could be free
No world that was safe and good
  that she could see
Her life was one
  of sadness and pain
Where peace of mind
  she could not gain
It was a world where
  lurked danger and menace
Not for her the carefree life
  of fun and sport like games of tennis
She feels so damaged
  deep down in her soul
To remove that scar
  is her ultimate goal
The badness you left
  buried far down in her core
The memories she suppressed
  so she would feel bad no more
What you did to her
  left many damaged layers
Which caused her a life time
  of confusion, anxiety and recurring nightmares
                                         by MEG

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