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The Stolen Childhood

You stole away my Childhood

till none of it was left,

you took away my innocence

and left my life bereft,

by your dark deed’s

for your dark need’s

you stole my Childhood away.

Again and again, you caused me pain

You darkened my Childhood day’s

the trust of a child, you defiled

you stole my Childhood away.

Oh, life it is so fleeting

and Childhood a bright, bright day

but like a dark, dark shadow

You stole my brightness away

And always at night as I lie awake

the memories come flooding back,

and I weep for my stolen Childhood

that I never can get back.

how could I forgive you?

how could I begin?

you stole away my Childhood

tis the most terrible, terrible sin.

Where was “The State”, the “Good People”

who should have protected me

why didn’t these same “Good People”

listen to my plea,

they’re every bit as guilty

that is what I say

they didn’t hear and they didn’t see

cos’ they looked the other way!

And the Church in mode omnipotent

denying ownership and blame,

treat their victims with utter, utter contempt

they deny us in Gods name.

Then the Judges in their wisdom

Quoting time and circumstance

Hand down suspended sentences,

to give the abusers ….another chance

Who will protect the future “little ones”

the innocent and the good,?

who will ensure, they never will

Have a “Stolen Childhood”?


Gerry Dignam           


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