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He grabs your wrist, throws you to the ground

Your gasping for breath is the only sound

Your body is tired, too drained and sore

He spits on you and begs you for more

You make it to your feet, attempt to run

Needless to say, this is the start of his fun

He grabs your t-shirt, pulls you near

Becomes aroused as he smells your fear

He gets that crazed look in his eye

His penis is pointed towards the sky

He strokes your body using calloused hands

Applying pressure so you'll meet his demands

He kicks you down, you land on your knees

Saying "Suck on this, you filthy fucking tease"

You begin undoing his button and fly

Knowing the consequences if you defy

You take a deep breath, that’s all you have to do

He shoves it far in your throat, you almost spew

Grabs the back of your head, to push and pull

He keeps his head empty, and keeps your mouth full

Bored with oral pleasure, he pulls you up by your hair

Eyes you up from head to toe, this long, cold stare

Awkward pause of silence, now the moment that you dread

He tears off your clothing, seam by seam, thread by thread

He doesn’t take notice the colour of your eyes

He’s too busy focusing on your unstable thighs

He licks his lips and smiles a wicked grin

His mind is overflowing with evil and sin

Clasping on to your throat, heaves you down on the floor

He grabs your ankles tightly, wants you to beg for more

His fingers enter “Stay still you fucking slut”

His nails are jagged, you feel your flesh cut

You try to squirm away, but his other hand restraints

His rhythm increases, preventing your complaints

Devastating moments pass, so painful, but brief

He finally exits you, a short sense of relief

He pulls himself closer, and grabs your thighs tight

He thrusts his penis inside you with all of his might

He plunges continually from shallow to deep

You feel so degraded, so dirty and cheap

by Tricky45


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