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Services available include

·          Comprehensive Assessment

·            Individual Psychotherapy

·            Couple Psychotherapy

·            Group Psychotherapy

·            Family Psychotherapy

·            Perpetrator Assessment and Treatment

·            Consultation

Individual Psychotherapy

Following the assessment of family needs, individual psychotherapy is offered to the victim(s) of sexual abuse and to other individual family members, where it is considered appropriate and necessary. Individual psychotherapy offers an opportunity to each individual to explore and work through and beyond their experiences of sexual violence. One in Four offers a holistic approach to psychotherapy, where the needs of the client are paramount and each person is acknowledged for the unique individual that they are. Psychotherapy is with a female or male psychotherapist who is a highly qualified and is an accredited psychotherapist with experience of working with the issues that arise from an experience of sexual violence. Psychotherapy is offered on a weekly basis and appointments are available for both daytime and evening time. There is no fixed limit on the number of sessions of psychotherapy as it is considered open-ended, where the client determines when it is appropriate for them to conclude their psychotherapy.

Group Psychotherapy

As the need presents, One in Four offers a variety of groups; women or men only group, mixed group, allies group, eating disorder/self-harm group, art psychotherapy group or play psychotherapy group. These groups provide the space to discuss and share experiences in a caring, supportive environment and in our experience have provided a powerful way to break silence and end isolation. All groups are co-facilitated by experienced psychotherapists. One of the most sought after groups is our Allies Group. This group offers a therapeutic space for non-offending individuals who may be supporting the victim(s) of sexual abuse and/or the offender(s) as is the case in intra-familial sexual abuse. This group offers a space for participants to explore any issue that arise for them and the impact of such issues as they arise for them and their family.


Family Psychotherapy

One in Four provides a comprehensive family therapy programme for families impacted upon by sexual violence. This programme responds to the individual needs of each family member and works towards rebuilding the family system. Psychotherapy tends to focus primarily on psychological health, emotional relationship patterns and the subsequent patterns of interaction. Traditionally family therapy is with all members of the family, where each member develops an understanding of their role and where appropriate begins the process of taking responsibility. However, when working with the issues surrounding intra-familial sexual abuse, it is neither appropriate nor necessary to work with the family as a unit. The dynamic behaviour in such a complex family system must be responded to appropriately and effectively through therapeutic intervention with the relevant component parts of the family unit.

Couple Psychotherapy

As the therapeutic service has developed the need to offer psychotherapy to couples has emerged. One of the many impacts of sexual abuse and/or sexual violence on a victim is in relationship. Issues can present around sexual intimacy; emotional intimacy, self-esteem; sexuality; communication; loss; sexual orientation etc. Working in psychotherapy as a couple, offers each of them an opportunity to hear the other and to speak about their experience of the impact of sexual violence on themselves and on their relationship.

Perpetrator Assessment and Treatment Programme – PATP   

Approaches to the treatment of perpetrators of sexual violence is constantly changing; and there is currently a movement from the manual based Risk-Needs Model approach, towards a more humanistic and holistic model. This model of treatment is being applied in Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand.  At their conference in 2006, the Granada Institute introduced their “Good Lives Model” and it was invaluable to witness this broader approach being proposed and supported by so many working in this area. On reflection it was also useful for us to determine how closely aligned with this model One in Four’s approach to working with offenders already is. Our Perpetrator Assessment and Treatment Programme is committed to maintaining best practice in the area of sex offender treatment and integrating the core principles and assumptions of a variety of goal orientated models, while maintaining a high degree of risk assessment and management on an on-going basis. In developing this programme, One in Four has responded to the needs as they presented to the organisation. In so many instances, sexual abuse has occurred within the family context. The development of the PATP has been a natural progression of the services being offered through the Psychotherapy Programme and the expertise and experience necessary to work with perpetrators of sexual violence exists within the Clinical Team.


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